What a Difference a Decade Makes!

What a Difference a Decade Makes!

Shawna HendersonAugust 30, 2022

Blue House Energy started out as a thought experiment: how could we deliver standardized training in building science and construction technology to as many people as possible. First, it was Shawna criss-crossing the province, the country, the continent. Ya, right. Single mom away for most of the year? Not gonna work.

What about creating presentations that could be licensed by trainers? With props and exercises? A nightmare to coordinate and track. 

Then, a close colleague, well versed in the IT world, then challenged us to play in his sandbox.

What About Online Learning? 

In 2012, online learning was fairly new. Couldn’t possibly work because you need to be in the room with people, or onsite, to do demonstrations. That’s true, but what about everything that comes prior to the demonstrations, like concepts and technical information that backs up demonstrations and real-world learning?

Now THAT sounded interesting.

So, with some slow-money investors believing we had a strong long term business case, we got to work. (Many, many thanks to those who saw our vision and helped us bring it into reality!!)

First came Building Science Basics, then Construction Technology. Then Construction Math. Then we got into the Energy Advisor world, working with Building Knowledge Canada and CACEA. This year we launched a joint course with Built Green Canada on Net Zero Energy for New Construction as well as our first virtual classroom training in Hot2000 Energy Modelling and a stand-alone course on Plans Reading

We’re partnering with some other training providers to offer some great deals on courses that we’re not experts in (more news coming in the Fall!)

We’ve got virtual-classroom Building Science Bootcamp and Construction Fundamentals coming online soon. Next year we’re introducing more HOT2000 courses and a retrofit training program that’ll blow your socks off!

This Must Be The Place: The Building Science Podcast is now in Season 3 - thanks to Tanya Media and Podcast Atlantic for producing, it’s great fun to record these wide-ranging conversations with so many peers and colleagues.

10 Years of Building Science and Construction Training

We’re really good at what we do, and we’re proud to be collaborating with a growing number of like-minded organizations and companies to get the residential construction and renovation industry up to speed when it comes to high performance housing and retrofits.

It’s been a great 10 years, and we’re ramping up for the next decade of fulfilling our mission: seriously enjoyable learning for the high performance home construction and renovation industry.

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