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In BC, to construct new homes or to carry out building envelope renovations, you must first become a licensed builder. This applies to general contractors, developers and building envelope renovators throughout the province.

All general contractors wishing to renew their licence to build single-family homes and small residential buildings in the province must also take Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training. Please contact BC Housing directly if you have any questions about your license.

Here’s a summary of what you’re required to do for BC Housing Continuing Professional Development:

  1. You need a total of 40 points to maintain or renew your residential builder license.

  2. At least 20 of those points being met through training, the rest can be met through research and other areas of professional development including ‘active practice’ points.

  3. Over 50 per cent of your CPD must be in one or a combination, of the following areas:

  • Relative enactments (BC Building Code)

  • Construction management and supervision

  • Construction technology

  • Customer service and home warranty insurance

Check out the up-to-date listing of BHE courses and CPD points.

When you’ve successfully completed a course, you need to report your CPDs. We cannot report your points, as we do not have access to your account with BC Housing.

NOTE: You may submit Construction Technology or Envelope Fundamentals for CPD; however, you may not submit both, since Envelope Fundamentals is a subset of Construction Technology.

BC Energy Step Code Step 3 Mandatory Training

As of October 1, 2022, BC builders must complete 8 modules of mandatory training to keep their license valid within a 2-year period.

BC Housing has produced eight 2.5 hour video modules that cover the mandatory training requirements, and has enlisted other recognized training providers to offer the same content in different formats.

With support from the BC Housing Building Excellence Research & Education Grants program, Blue House Energy has tailored the content from our existing courses, enlisting some of the best BC subject matter experts to review and rewrite sections to better reflect Step 3 requirements for those same modules.

You can take our three interactive modules and complete your other mandatory modules through the BC Housing videos or other providers. Our three modules are approved for CPD points.

"They are a great way for a company to promote professional development, educate employees on sustainable and responsible building methods, and provide a higher quality more efficient product."

- Richard C.




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