Who We Are

A Leading Online Construction Training Company Since 2012

"How can we provide more training for more people in the building industry?"

Blue House Energy founder Shawna Henderson asked this question of her industry colleagues one night over dinner - by dessert, their years of industry expertise and technology savvy had led them to the answer: build an online training company that enables fellow building industry professionals to grow their skills, improve bottom lines and reduce callbacks.

The Building Science Company Built by Building Science Experts

We provide online training resources to companies, managers and employees in the residential energy efficiency field. Blue House Energy's easy-to-use platform gives you on-demand access to the specific industry training you're looking for.

Our Team

Blue House Energy's in-house team of industry veterans works with local developers and contractors to produce high-quality, high-impact online learning resources. Click below to find out how our construction and energy expertise translates to your next accredited course or custom curriculum.

Shawna Henderson

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Shawna is our resident building science expert, designer of green homes, and planner for deep energy retroRts. A sought after speaker, author, and blogger, she has published numerous books, research reports, and technical studies in the industry. She is responsible for course content, instructional design and business development.

Hal Richman

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Hal keeps Blue House Energy operating smoothly from financial and legal standpoints. Hal also provides user support and customer service, and keeps our learning management system in good health. He ensures our assessments (exams and tests) comply with in-house and client-required competency maps and levels of knowledge.

Christina Murray
Production Manager

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Christina is a recognized adult educator with a background in graphic design and administration. She ensures our production team is motivated and working to the highest standards. Christina has a parallel career as an award-winning choral conductor so she brings both a meticulous eye and ear to the production of all Blue House Energy courses.

Carla Harder
Program Coordinator

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Carla has 15+ years experience in program development and coordination in the trades and technology sector. This experience, combined with her passion for engaging with people, make Carla the ideal support person for BHE's clients and learners. Carla also loves a physical challenge and can be found frequently on the yoga mat, in a kayak or on her surfboard.

Sharon Murray
Asset Manager

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Sharon brings to the BHE team a penchant for organizing things and visual learning. Sharon is a photo historian and archivist by training with several years of experience managing and working on digital projects. She’s also an adult educator who’s been teaching university courses for well over a decade and has expertise in learning through, and about, visual media.

Katherine Munro
Art Director

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Katherine has been a creative professional for over 35 years and enjoys exploring various media including 3D animation. Katherine comes from a strong visual art background and has a keen eye for impeccable design and user functionality. She lives in Halifax Nova Scotia and enjoys vintage thrifting and meditation in her non-existent spare time.

Brian Lingley
Course Author

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Brian is an interactive designer with over ten years experience building Articulate courses and learning games. As education evolves and combines with technology, Brian endeavors to include the 'fun' in the fundamentals of online learning. When not in front of an array of computer screens, he enjoys board gaming, Lego, and quality time with the cats.

Rider Petch
QA Specialist

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Rider is an Energy Advisor, Step Code Expert and Registered Professional Biologist with over 15 years in the renewable energy and construction sector. His firm, Fluent Energy Consulting, offers creative solutions to the high-performance housing industry with a focus on locally available and carbon-smart materials. He lives on Vancouver Island, indulging in his love of the outdoors (usually on foot or bike), with his wife, three young children and big dog Roxy.

Kinda Nehlawi
LMS Manager

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Kinda is passionate about customer education and learning technology. With a background in adult education and psychology, she has extensive experience working to help both large and small businesses launch their online learning programs.

Ethan McNutt
Architectural Technologist

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Ethan is our architectural technologist and SketchUp specialist. Having a background in architecture and sustainability, he is focused on fabrication, computer-aided design, building performance, and keeping up with the industry’s changing technologies.

Our Industry Leading Trainers

Blue House Energy has partnered with some of the best industry trainers to offer a wider range of quality online courses for home builders and renovators. All of our online courses and webinars are available in U.S. and Canadian versions, unless otherwise noted.

Mike Rogers

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A nationally recognized expert in residential energy-efficiency, Mike worked with contractors to strengthen their businesses and helped programs and policy-makers scale sustainable market approaches to improving homes.

John Tooley

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John started building, diagnosing and retrofitting homes in the early '80s. He has been the principal designer of some of the largest building programs in the US. He presents a real life approach to building and business science tothousands of contractors from every trade each year.

Peter Troast

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Peter, founder and CEO of Energy Circle, is recognized as one of the country's foremost authorities on marketing for home performance, HVAC and other efficiency related contracting companies. He is a popular and high-ranking speaker at RESNET, ACCA, BPI and EGIA conferences and events. Connect with Peter on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Our Allies

Blue House Energy collaborates with these third party allies to fulfill our mission and achieve our organizational goals.

Industry Partners

The Blue House Energy team keeps up to date through active participation in industry organizations. We are proud members of both the digital industry and the residential construction industry




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