Course Format

Got a few minutes? You can cover a topic!

It’s easy to jump in and out of the training plan, so you can pick up where you left off.

Blue House Energy online building and construction training courses are designed for busy people with busy schedules.

There are quizzes to check your progress. Each module of each course comes with it’s own downloadable study guide.

You can review all of the material online, any time. You have access to the online modules for a full 12 months after you complete the course.

Each course comes with a Certificate of Achievement that you can submit for CEU or PDC requirements. Check out the list of organizations that recognize BHE as a continuing education provider.

So what do I get when I register for a BHE online course? Check out our student support page for more technical details.

Blue House Energy: Solutions that fit your style of learning

There are three primary learning types:

- Visual (seeing and reading)
- Auditory (listening)
- Kinesthetic (doing)

Everybody has a mix of these learning styles, with one usually being dominant.

Blue House Energy online training is built to support all three styles:
Read a study guide
Watch animations and videos
Listen to a voice over
Do interactive exercises

"It has been a great experience using the BHE system. I don’t have a lot of time to study but the freedom and flexibility the system provides makes it convenient and easy to learn anywhere there is WIFI available. The multimedia platform combined with the supporting resources also make the learning easy for anyone"

- Richard C.

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