Building Performance Institute (BPI)

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a nationally recognized certification, accreditation, and quality assurance body for home performance contractors in the US.

Blue House Energy Courses that qualify for BPI CEUs include:

Whole House Training

Building Science Basics: 9 CEUs

Construction Technology: 20 CEUs

Healthy Indoor Environment: Short Course: 5 CEUs

Understanding HVAC Systems: Short Course: 5 CEUs

Envelope Fundamentals: 16 CEUs


Non-Whole House Training

Construction Math 1 & 2: 9 CEUs

Sales and Marketing

Foundations of Increased Sales: 5.33 CEUs

Lead Generation: 5.33 CEUs

Quality Management: 5.33 CEUs

How to Claim Your CEUS:

Although the BPI official policy is for Blue House Energy to enter the Certificates of Completion in order to get the CEUs, we request you to enter the Certificates via your BPI portal, as we have found this to be more efficient. Make sure you enter the proper course category for the course as noted above, as this category determines your CEUs.

Check out our up-to-date CEU listings on the BPI Portal (search for Blue House Energy)!

"I am pleased to hear that you will be furthering trades training in residential energy efficiency. CMHC supports the building of industry awareness and capacity to deliver more sustainable technologies and practices in the housing sector."

- Duncan Hill, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation




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