Student Support

Technical Requirements
A notebook or desktop PC or Mac computer - NOT a tablet or smartphone at this time
The latest version of your operating system and browser
A high speed, stable internet connection

How do I contact support?

File this form to request support

Technical support is available for users to resolve technical issues related to login/registration/passwords, user interface and navigation among modules. Available 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time weekdays via email or online conferencing. Promised turn-around of no more than next business day.

I can’t sign in.

Make sure you have the correct URL. This is the URL for Online store customers 

For other users file this form to request support

Make sure that you bookmark your URL. If you see a screen that asks for your Client ID clear your cache and cookies and click on the URL noted above. Well, tell me more about how to do this. We created a downloadable document for you. Click Here for the Technical “How To” Handout

Why can’t I get back into a module?
This can happen if you do not EXIT a module and then LOGOUT of the system (please do this all the time). File this form to request support and they will perform their magic to fix this. Don’t forget, there’s also a downloadable study guide attached to each module (click on the ‘Resources’ tab, at the top right, when you’re in the module). Print this study guide and use it for taking notes when reviewing the online course.

What do I do when I purchase several copies of the courses via the online store?
Well, breathe, as this is a bit confusing. When you login, you will be the “group manager” and may register people for the course, including yourself. Make sure to use your contact info on the online store – not the contact info of the people who will be receiving the course.
Can I go back and review modules I have already finished?
Yes, you have one year from the date of registration to review the modules. However, it is strongly suggested that you complete a course within 60 days to ensure the best learning experience.

Can I take an end of module quiz as many times as I like?
Yes, the quizzes are there for you to challenge your knowledge level before you do the final assessment. In some courses, you need to achieve at least 70% to move on to the next module.

What happens after I finish a quiz?
You can re-take the quiz, print results or review results. if you wish to print quiz results you must do this at this time, as you cannot go back and do this.

Do the quizzes and exercises count towards the final grade?
For most courses, the quizzes and exercises you will find throughout the course will not count towards your final grade. The final assessment is worth 100% of the final grade. You will need a minimum passing grade of 70% on the final assessment in order to successfully complete the course. For some mini-courses (e.g. Understanding HVAC Systems), your grade is an average of the quiz grades.

How many times can I take the assessment?
You have one attempt at the final assessment so make sure you are well prepared. File this form to request support to see about getting an additional attempt.

Why is the NEXT button not working?
In some cases, the NEXT button won’t work until you have engaged the coloured buttons that have extra content in them.