What Grade Does Your Insulation Belong In?

Shawna HendersonFebruary 01, 2017

In the US, there’s a requirement for HERS raters to determine if batt insulation has been installed properly. There are three ‘grades’ of batt installation, with a Grade 1 installation being the best and Grade 3 being the worst. When batt insulation is installed properly, it touches all six sides...

New ANSI Standard for Blower Door Testing in the US

Shawna HendersonApril 29, 2016

Mark Butler posted this article by Rick Karg (Residential Energy Dynamics) in the RESNET group on LinkedIn -- I thought it might be helpful to spread it around a little further. Here's the article:ANSI 380 -2016 Rick notes that there are some changes and improvements -- most sound positive, clarification...

Proper installation technique for proper batt insulation

Shawna HendersonFebruary 20, 2015

Oh, how I yearn for RESNET Grade I's how to get 'em.

Drainwater Heat Recovery Units & Water Efficiency

Shawna HendersonFebruary 16, 2015

Hot water distribution efficiency is now included in HERS ratings, under an amendment to ANSI/RESNET Standard 301-2014. This is a Good Thing. To date, all of our efforts to represent, and then minimize, hot water usage have been skewed by distribution systems (ie, by the vagaries of plumbing). According to...