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A Primer on Climate Zones for Home Construction in Canada

Shawna HendersonMay 19, 2021

By designing for the future and retrofitting with climate in mind, buildings can be made more resilient and better equipped to handle changing temperature regimes. By taking a holistic approach and considering factors such as climate types, average temperatures, and precipitation, we can ensure that our buildings are not only code-compliant but also energy-efficient and comfortable for their occupants.

Proper installation technique for proper batt insulation

Shawna HendersonFebruary 20, 2015

Oh, how I yearn for RESNET Grade I's how to get 'em.

Blown-in vs. Batt: what are the realities?

Shawna HendersonFebruary 15, 2015

From the newsletter of Northwest Energy Star (Q32014): Bibs vs. batts: Who ya got? Recently, some blown fiberglass products were shown to offer the same resistance to airflow when blown to a density of 2.3lbs/cubic foot as cellulose does at 4lbs/cubic foot. Energy Trust of Oregon was intrigued by these...

Reblog: What's Reasonable vs. What's Heroic

Shawna HendersonJanuary 19, 2015

Ann Edminster, M.Arch, LEED AP (a long time colleague) is a recognized international expert on green-home design and a principal developer of the LEED for Homes rating system. Here’s a story about Ann’s house in Pacifica, California, in interview format with Jim Gunshinian from Home Energy Magazine. This Q&A originally...