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BHE Energy Advisor Foundation Training: An Update

Shawna HendersonMarch 08, 2018

Well we’ve had quite a winter!

Here in Nova Scotia, the weather’s not been too bad, but the flu season knocked our production team off schedule.

Just as we were recovering from that, a mysterious and erratic browser issue started causing us grief.

The good news, is Hal, Katherine (our new QA team member), and Firmwater’s awesome team of Josie and Kindra have figured it out. Our course authoring software has a bug in it that doesn’t like browsers. The software provider is working on an update to fix it. But in the meantime, if you’re taking the courses, please use the current version of MS Edge, MS Explorer, or Firefox.

So, while we’ve had a bumpy start to our EA Foundation Training (EAFT) program, we’re back on track.


If you pre-register (at a great price), we’ll start you off with the first course that will be online, an enhanced version of Construction Technology. As the other courses come online, we’ll let you know and add them to your training plan. As always, our excellent customer service team will be on deck when you need them.  

Build on your knowledge to make sure you have the right stuff to excel as an Energy Advisor. 

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