Building A Solid Foundation for Tarion’s Competency Requirements

Building A Solid Foundation for Tarion’s Competency Requirements

Shawna HendersonJanuary 07, 2016

Meet trainingOntario: a recognized provider of training for Tarion, Ontario’s New Home Warranty administrator.

 trainingOntario is a collaboration between Blue House Energy, and the Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI). We have pooled our expertise and know-how to deliver a full suite of on-demand courses for Tarion registrants.

 As of September 2015, Tarion registrants -- anyone who wants to build or sell a new house in Ontario -- must complete a series of educational competencies. The goal is to improve the industry capacity (Yay! Our favourite thing!) and in doing so, reduce Warranty claims.

Blue House Energy and PHBI were recognized by Tarion separately as eligible training providers, but we realized quickly that by working together and pooling our subject matter experts, educational design expertise and online learning smarts, we could create a fantastic package that includes online training in all of Tarion's mandatory competencies. So that's what we've done.

 The Suite of Courses for Builders

The Suite of Courses for Vendors

Construction Technology  --
Building Codes  --
Legal Issues in Housing Legal Issues in Housing
Customer Service Customer Service
Financial Planning Financial Planning
Business Planning Business Planning
Project Management Project Management


Like all of our training, the courses in the trainingOntario suite are easy to access and fit into a busy schedule.

Once a course is complete, a proctored assessment (final exam) is booked through Algonquin College at one of their testing locations throughout the province.

Registration and Course Prices can be found here.


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