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Shawna HendersonNovember 27, 2014

It's always gratifying to hear that you're doing good things --  Jon Eakes did an article on web-based learning for trades in the November issue of the Canadian Home Builder Magazine that talks about the long-recognized need for more trades training in building science and energy efficiency measures that relates to the house-as-a-system concept.

So it's really exciting to that someone like Jon, who's been around training and building science and the trades for so long, has this to say about our courses:

"If we could get every worker and sub-trade on a site to sit down at home and click through these courses, we could begin to close up those cracks between the trades that let the mould into the wall." 

We recognized before we started out with Blue House Energy, that one of the stumbling blocks our industry faces is getting crews off jobsites to get training. The obstacles include the cost to the employer of having jobs languishing while people are on course, the costs associated with traditional face-to-face training programs (tuition/registration, accommodation/travel, wages), and the fact that most home construction and renovation firms are small and simply don't have the bandwidth to consider much more than the day-to-day realities of scheduling existing projects and hustling new ones. We got into online learning to help get over those stumbling blocks.





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