Hold the phone...Infrared camera?!?

Shawna HendersonSeptember 04, 2014

This video demonstration by Ben Gromicko at InterNACHI shows a very cool addition to an iphone...an infrared camera. $350 cost, about 1/10 the cost of an IR camera (without the training). Flir is marketing them to the DIY market, but I think it would be fantastic for use to qualify leakage areas and crap insulation installations on an initial site visit for reno clients, before hiring the real IR operator or bringing in the evaluator/auditor and the blower door.

I see in the comments that this was a flag from several people who do thermal imaging. Just like with any other diagnostic tool, garbage in, garbage out. So the skill and expertise of the operator is key, but lots of less skilled, less expert operators are likely to jump on the thermal imaging bandwagon and offer cut-rate services at undermining prices.

Only good news is that the folks who are paying for the thermal imaging services might be more satisfied with a big camera than a slip-on cover for an iphone...


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