Hiss and Poop -- Abnormal Phenomenon!

Shawna HendersonApril 01, 2014

Beware! Heat pumps sound a heckuva lot like Canada Geese when they are unhappy. There's a lot of hissing and pooping.

I had no idea. Anyone been in a house with a heat pump where pieces of the wall, carpet, furniture, cloth, cigarette, and cosmetics adhere to the unit? Sure would explain a lot of the mess at my house if I had a heat pump that could cause that much chaos.
And it kaks. And hydrometeors appear.
That is an awesome machine. Sounds a little like a diaper could be in order.
My dear friend Daniel MacKay, with Shines Renewable Energy posted this screenshot of the manual for a heat pump that he was installing, along with this note:

"What's interesting is that if you google for "hiss and poop", with the quotes, you get a bunch of different owners manuals for York, Powrmatic, Mundoclima, Pridiom etc etc all with exactly the same wording (and they're the same units - there are, I'm told, only two heat pump manufacturers in the world.)"
Surely somewhere along the line someone could have hired one native language-speaking human translator to proof the manual...although manuals are pretty dry reading, a little comic relief is likely a good thing. I'm not sure, as a homeowner with a heat pump problem, that I'd have my confidence bolstered by a giggling technician in my mechanical room.

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