Fort MacMurray - How to Help, How to Find People

Shawna HendersonMay 05, 2016

Info about donations, contacting evacuees, check in on FB, etc. #ymm fire

I cut & pasted this from a Greenpeace email. Helpful Info.

Donate: The Red Cross has set up an emergency ‘Alberta Fires’ appeal. Click here to donate.
Supplies: Here’s a crowdsourced Facebook page to connect Fort McMurray residents needing items with volunteers providing them. People in Edmonton can drop off donations at Edmonton Emergency Services (10255 104 street). Biggest donation needs are diapers, baby wipes, NEW toiletries (such as soap, shampoo, tampons, toothpaste etc.) and NEW socks and underwear.
Volunteer: Those interested in volunteering through the regional municipality can apply here. Those in Edmonton are asked to volunteer with Edmonton Emergency Services - Please call 780-428-4422.
To help keep track of evacuees and where they are located, anyone forced from their homes is asked to email with their name, location and confirmation they are safe.

If you need more information:

If you’re trying to find a loved one or need evacuation information, you can call the regional municipality at 780-762-3636 or the Red Cross at 1-888-350-6070.
Facebook has also activated its safety-check feature for the Fort McMurray fire, an option for those who want to reassure their family and friends that they’re okay.
If you need a place to stay: Northlands Expo Centre (7515 118 Ave., 780-471-7210) has housing for up to 1,300 evacuees at this point.
Many Alberta businesses are offering many different kinds of support. Check here for on-going details.
On social media follow #ymmhelp to offer or ask for help.
Families and communities are being devastated by this tragedy. Our thoughts are with all of them and we hope you as a supporter can do whatever you can to help.

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