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RaterFest! 2016

Shawna HendersonAugust 31, 2016

We're excited. Shawna's leading a session at EnergyLogic's un-conference, RaterFest, this year (Sep 15-18). She gets to talk about her favorite subject: the knowledge gap.Its been a constant thread through the last couple of decades: leaps and bounds in the understanding of building science, leading to a bunch of well-trained...

How To Say What A Job Does, Part 2

Shawna HendersonMarch 15, 2016

Job Task Analysis can be a formidable challenge. It’s about breaking down a job into tasks and then analyzing them. How do you best say what a job does? There needs to be method, or it ends up in madness. Here’s a simplified version of the process for ‘just in time’ or ‘on the job’ training