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Sustainable Features Profiles

Shawna HendersonNovember 06, 2014

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recently released a series of Sustainable Features Profiles. These fact sheets provide useful guidance on innovative technologies that can be used to make housing more energy and water efficient and reduce the environmental footprint. The research and modelling for the profiles was carried out...

Hiss and Poop -- Abnormal Phenomenon!

Shawna HendersonApril 01, 2014

Beware! Heat pumps sound a heckuva lot like Canada Geese when they are unhappy. There's a lot of hissing and pooping. I had no idea. Anyone been in a house with a heat pump where pieces of the wall, carpet, furniture, cloth, cigarette, and cosmetics adhere to the unit? Sure...

Construction Instruction

Shawna HendersonFebruary 22, 2014

We love this app. It's juicy, it's easy to use and it's built by a trio of fellahs we respect a lot: Gord Cooke, Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson. The app is designed for use by builders, contractors, architects and designers, D-I-Yers. It's all about building products and their proper use...