USA Insulation Building Science


Course Overview

Improve your delivery of whole-home insulation solutions by learning about building science, the house-as-a-system approach to retrofits. Understanding the science behind energy retrofits is the key to success when your job is to help people live comfortably in their homes and save money on energy bills.

Anyone in the home renovation or new construction industry needs to know the basics. BHE’s cheap and cheerful online training is designed for busy people by an experienced industry professional. We know what you need to know!

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Apply the House as a System Concept
  • Interpret the role of sustainable development in construction
  • Explain how building science affects building durability and occupant comfort
  • Categorize the signs, symptoms and solutions for good indoor air quality
  • Recognize building envelope details and how they control or contribute to heat, air, and moisture flows
  • Discuss, at a high level, the properties and features of mechanical ventilation systems


Course Details