Energy Advisor Exam Prep MASTERY Program

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Energy Advisor Exam Prep Mastery includes Foundation Exam Prep, and Energy Advisor Exam Prep, with a savings of $135!

Please review the Energy Advisor Mastery outline for an overview of a description of the program and an outline of the modules:

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Overview of Courses


  • Video Lessons (with pdf transcripts)
  • Worksheets
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Challenges and Quizzes
  • Curated Resource Hub
  • Community Forum
  • Email Support
  • Practice Timed Exam
  • Audio-only version for on-the-go

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Foundation Exam

This is the first step to becoming an Energy Advisor. The main categories cover all of NRCan's Competency Guidelines that are on the exam:

  • An Overview of the Role of an Energy Advisor
  • Plans Reading
  • Safety Considerations
  • Building Science Principles and the House-as-a-System Concept
  • Construction and Renovation of Low Rise Housing
  • The Envelope First Approach (New and Existing Homes)
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (New and Existing Homes)

NOTE: You must have successfully passed the Foundation exam to take the Energy Advisor exam.

Energy Advisor Exam Prep

Reflects the specific information you need to know about the technical and administrative requirements that you will be working with every day as an Energy Advisor. You will need to memorize a lot of information that NRCan has provided in online handbooks and manuals. When you’re in the field, you don’t need to keep it all in your head. But you will need to study hard to pass the exam.

Our exam prep program is based on instructional design principles and introduces the material in a way that is based on the latest brain science and online learning techniques. We want you to succeed!

You will learn each concept and topic through a short video lesson, a worksheet that helps you to apply what you learned in the video to a real-world situation, and some questions or actions that will help you solidify your understanding of the topic.

You get points for each piece you complete.

There’s a community forum where you can ask questions, and a curated resource list that you can sort and filter to suit your own path.

Our learning platform also comes with an AI assistant that will help you find the information you want when it comes to review and study time.

NOTE: You must have successfully passed the Foundation exam to take the Energy Advisor exam.

Download Energy Advisor Mastery outline


Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification

This Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package is not a program of study. It is simply one of the training and development activities you may engage in to pass any exams to become an Energy Advisor.

Blue House Energy (BHE) does not make any representations or warranties, or provide any guarantees, regarding your likelihood of passing any exams as an Energy Advisor following your completion of the Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package.

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