Benefits of Online Training

Develop working knowledge of building science and energy efficiency, to understand 
the “why” of what you are doing in the workplace. When combined with on-the-job training, Blue House Energy education can help improve quality of work, reduce the costs and aggravation of re-work and help you distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

For Trades and Energy Efficiency-Related Professions

Our courses serves trades, renovators, contractors, and energy efficiency professionals. This includes energy advisers working on programs such as the EnerGuide Rating System and R-2000, home inspectors, building inspectors, staff at utilities and energy efficiency organizations, real estate professionals, developers (management and sales), and more. If you’re not sure whether these courses are for you, contact us today!

Blue House online learning has several advantages:

  • You stay in your community and on the job
  • You don’t have to use Employment Insurance (EI) benefits to go to school
  • You use scenario learning that is based on real-world situations
  • All of your learning sessions can take place on your own computer or at a public library with Internet access (you will need a pair of headphones)
Your success as an online learner will depend on:
  • how well you organize your time and stick to a learning schedule while working on the job
  • how well you can stay focused on tasks and figure out some problems on your own
  • and how well your household understands and supports your learning schedule


“Studies over the last 20 years have shown a worrying energy performance gap – where buildings are consistently found to use more heating energy than designers had predicted and Energy Performance Certificates indicate. According to the research, the principal cause of this gap is the traditional construction model where poor teamwork across design and construction processes leads to defects that compromise energy performance. Clearly the answer to this problem is best addressed through comprehensive ongoing trades training.”
Oliver Drerup
Former Head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - International


For Employers

A well-trained crew, knowledgeable in building science and energy efficiency measures, adds value to your offerings in new construction and renovation/retrofit work. Energy efficiency measures carried out by approaching the house as a system reduce callbacks. New code-based energy efficiency requirements are met more easily because the crew understands the reasoning behind them. Blue House Energy online learning lets your employees and subcontractors stay on the job rather than leave for three to five days for basic training in building science and energy efficiency.

Online learning does not take the place of hands-on experience or further training. It gives your crew basic training so they can understand what is happening in a house before and after energy efficiency measures are carried out.

Online technical education is not for everyone. It works best for well-organized, self-motivated employees and subs who are used to organizing their own time, meeting deadlines and are comfortable using technology.