Construction Technology


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Intermediate Level

14 Modules

20-24 Hours

Construction Technology covers all the bases of today’s industry; building science, indoor air quality and healthy indoor environments, air sealing and insulation, and mechanical systems

Course Overview

Construction Technology covers all the bases of today’s industry; building science, indoor air quality and healthy indoor environments, air sealing and insulation, and mechanical systems. The house works as a system made up of different components and equipment that are affected by heat, moisture and air flows. Take a deeper dive into the components and dynamics of the whole system.

As a whole, the course meets all of the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) educational benchmarks for Construction Technology.

Anyone in the home renovation or new construction industry can benefit from BHE’s cheap and cheerful online training. Construction Technology is for busy people. Learn in bite-size pieces!

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Important Details

  • This course takes 20-24 hours to complete (including reviews, quizzes, etc.)

  • The course is made up of 14 modules. Each module includes a downloadable study guide

  • There is a review and quiz at the end of each module. You can review any section as many times as you like

  • Once you have completed all 14 modules you can take the final test (you may only take once)

  • A grade of at least 70% earns you a Certificate of Achievement

  • Like all BHE courses, you have access for 12 months

  • The course is best viewed on a laptop or desktop. It works on tablets, but it’s really hard to see all the detail on a phone!

  • Sales within Canada are subject to GST/HST.

  • Download course outline

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Module 1: What is Construction Technology?

  • Construction Technology
  • Building Science
  • Sustainability

Module 2: Building Components & Systems

  • Foundations
  • Walls & Floors

Module 3: Moisture Management

  • Keeping Moisture Off, Out, and Away

Module 4: House As A System

  • Heat Flow
  • Air Flow
  • Moisture Flow

Module 5: Indoor Air Quality

  • Sources
  • Symptoms
  • Solutions

Module 6: Healthy Housing

  • Materials
  • Combustion Spillage
  • Radon

Module 7: Fundamentals of Air Sealing

  • Purpose of Air Sealing
  • Types of Barriers
  • Approaches
  • Air Sealing Materials

Module 8: Strategies for Air Sealing

  • Air Sealing Issues
  • Foundations
  • Walls & Floors
  • Ceilings & Roofs

Module 9: Fundamentals of Insulation

  • Properties of Insulation
  • R-value
  • Insulation Materials

Module 10: Strategies for Insulating

  • Below Grade
  • Above Grade
  • Ceilings

Module 11: Fundamentals of Windows & Doors

  • Window & Door Anatomy
  • Comfort Factors
  • Window Performance
  • Doors

Module 12: Fundamentals of Energy

  • Occupant Comfort
  • Fuel & Energy Sources
  • Heat Loss/Heat Gain

Module 13: Mechanical Systems Overview

  • Space Heating
  • Space Cooling
  • Delivery Systems

Module 14: Ventilation Requirements

  • Why Ventilate?
  • F-326 Standard
  • Systems

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the House as a System Concept

  • Interpret the role of sustainable development in construction

  • Explain how building science affects building durability and occupant comfort

  • Categorize the signs, symptoms and solutions for good indoor air quality

  • Recognize building envelope details and how they control or contribute to heat, air, and moisture flows

  • Discuss, at a high level, the properties and features of residential mechanical systems

Credit Values

Completing this course qualifies you for:

BC Housing: 20 CPDs
NOTE: You may submit Construction Technology or Envelope Fundamentals for CPD; however, you may not submit both, since Envelope Fundamentals is a subset of Construction Technology.

BPI: 20 CEUs


Gold Seal: 6 credits