New Podcast Poised to Disrupt the Building Science Industry

Shawna HendersonJuly 09, 2021

July 9, 2021 (K'jipuktuk/Halifax, NS)


This Must Be The Place: The Building Science Podcast is hosted by nationally recognized leader and innovator in the housing efficiency sector, Shawna Henderson. This Must Be The Place is full of personal stories, inspiration, highly practical tools, observations, tactics and strategies as well as “insider secrets” that can help our listeners perform at a higher level in this sector. The Goal: how to make the industry a better place for everyone.

Shawna Henderson is the Founder and CEO of Blue House Energy- a leader in online construction training. She was one of the first licensed energy advisors in Canada and is a sought after speaker, author, and blogger. She has published numerous books, research reports, and technical studies in the industry.

Disrupting the Status Quo

According to Henderson, “The  conversations on the podcast are with people on the ground, with a focus on what drives their passion for the built environment, energy efficiency, houses, homes, and places. We’re talking about changing the industry, who’s in it, and our approach to energy, carbon, and climate change. Some of the issues my guests and I will be discussing include: energy conservation, low carbon construction, deep energy retrofits, energy poverty, energy security, intersection between societal responsibility for housing and climate change mitigation, healthy indoor environment, comfort for occupants, and workforce inclusion of women/marginalized/racialized people. Also, women in leadership in the residential construction industry, because you can’t change the culture if you don’t change the bosses.’

What’s in a name?

The podcast is named in honour of the Talking Heads song, ‘This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)’. Henderson says, “I am a self-confessed building science wonk, I love what I do, and I love that my career has been about helping people make their houses comfortable and healthy on many levels. The title takes us beyond just a house, and allows conversations in the context of place, which gets us to bigger conversations about energy poverty, community engagement, industry disruption, societal responsibility, climate change. I like the symmetry, because the song is about home, heart, love, belonging and comfort.”

According to Henderson’s first guest, Andy Cockburn, Director of Training & Education for NAIMA (the North American Insulation Manufacturer Association) Canada, “The Talking Heads reference is awesome and they write songs about houses, food and being a little off centre, so it fits well.”

New Episodes Every Thursday

The first episode airs 8 July 2021, and new episodes are available every Thursday. You can listen and read more episode details on the podcast website, or on your favourite podcast host including:




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About This Must Be the Place: Net Zero. Repurpose. Quilt work. Scraps. Leaders. Visionaries. Disruptors. Gender-barrier busters. Bringing disparate pieces into efficient building- science harmony. Trailblazing industry authority Shawna Henderson has deep conversations about the building science world with a range of on-the-ground experts. Walk away with a little more housing energy conservation knowledge you never knew you needed. We are here to disrupt the status quo and change the culture for the betterment of all.

About Blue House Energy: Blue House Energy provides online training resources to companies, managers and employees in the residential energy efficiency field. Since 2012, Blue House Energy's easy-to-use platform has offered seriously enjoyable training in building science and construction technology for home builders and renovators in Canada and the US.

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