This Must Be The Place, Season 3: Another 18 Episodes of BS*

This Must Be The Place, Season 3: Another 18 Episodes of BS*

Shawna HendersonJuly 06, 2022

Hard to believe, but 7 July is the launch of Season Three of This Must Be the Place: The Building Science podcast! With 36 great episodes under our belt, we decided to change things up a bit for this season. Our next 18 episodes will be broken into three themes, with six episodes per theme, and the first episode of each theme will start with an essay by me followed by a chat with a guest to add their perspective on the theme. 

Of course there’s going to be overlap and layers of discussion, because everything’s connected. 

3 Themes on Canadian Homebuilding

The first theme is how we got here, laying out some history and context for the cold climate building science that we lean on to create today’s high performance housing in Canada. We have some very clever, inventive, and innovative stories to share. 

The second theme revolves around what we need to do to get out of our own way, because, well, we’re kind of stuck, and the third theme is focussed on disruptors, inspiration, and the future of building science and the residential construction industry. 

Guests for this season include repeat performances by Tex Macleod and Andy Cockburn (commenting on my essays), Oliver Drerup, Kirk Johnson, Lorrie Rand, and Chris Magwood and a dozen more.

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

One of the goals of the podcast is to record some of the key people and events that make up the history of Canada’s contribution to building science and high performance housing. Another reason is to push the essential need for building science in all trades training and college programs that lead people into the construction industry, whether it’s residential or commercial/industrial. We’re not building houses like barns any more and our training needs to reflect that. 

The thing that stands out, with each guest, is that most of them kind of fell into the world of building science. So many have come to this part of the industry tangentially, as a builder, or as an engineer, or through a passion for reducing global footprints. It’s a subject that people seem to bump into on a path that they were following in a different direction, but they get onto it, and stay.

Join host Shawna Henderson in another season of great conversations with industry gurus, leaders, innovators, and disruptors. 

*Not that kind. Building Science. There might be some of the other kinds too, because stories.

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