Retrofit Canada! Before it's too late!

Retrofit Canada! Before it's too late!

R&G Strategic Inc.November 04, 2019

Check out this video. Take a half-hour to listen to some hard facts and some exciting ways that Canadians are working on mitigating climate change at the most basic level of shelter. Where we live.

It's part of a great series put on by Passive Buildings Canada called 'Boots on the Ground'. This video is from August 2019, featuring one of our fave building science geniuses, Peter Amerongen. Peter is nothing if not passionate about what we need to do to retrofit - and the scale we need to do it at. Shawna has been involved in working groups that Peter has chaired and participated in, and he's not kidding. Peter and his team are doing great work and we all get to benefit from it directly.

From the Youtube write up:
"Peter Amerongen of Butterwick Projects has been designing and building energy efficient houses in and around Edmonton, Alberta since the 1970’s. Starting in 2007, he has designed and built 11 net zero energy houses (including several that are generating significant surplus energy) in Edmonton’s 5100C (9200F) heating degree-day climate. He and his team designed and built Canada’s first net zero energy affordable multi-family project and Canada’s first net zero energy church in the Edmonton neighbourhood of North Glenora."

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