Keep to A Training Budget

Keep to A Training Budget

Shawna HendersonOctober 03, 2018

Cheap and Cheerful Online Training

 This is what we do. Blue House Energy is dedicated to making high-quality, interactive online training that is affordable and available 24/7. Our mission is to help build the foundations of the skills that the residential construction industry needs for the 21st century.

We keep our prices as low as we can, but that one-lump-payment can be a barrier to training, and we are in the business of busting down those barriers. To help you budget your training dollars, we offer a payment plan through our e-commerce partners Shopify (great Canadian company!) and

We love the fact that puts you in control of how you pay us. You get to choose a payment plan that works for you, the payments are automatically applied to your credit card, and we’re both protected by industry-leading encryption and security.

This payment plan works if you are buying a course for yourself, or need to buy several courses for your crew. Here’s how the process goes:

Once you have decided on the online course that you want to buy, click on ‘Add to Cart’. That takes you to this screen

Click on the button at the bottom right

You’ll be taken to this screen, where you create a account


Choose your payment plan

And digitally sign the contract


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