Exploring the Solterre Concept Cottage

Shawna HendersonJune 10, 2015


Here's an article that was just published in Home Energy Magazine (July/August 2015). To read the whole article, you must have an online subscription. It's about a very cool project that our colleagues Jennifer Corson and Keith Robertson at Solterre Design designed and built to test drive a range of assemblies, design principles and mechanical system options for very low-energy, off-grid housing in Lunenburg County. The LEED Platinum, Passive House certified final product is a success on all fronts. Check out Solterre's impressive body of work.

Jennifer and Keith (and their two kids) also just returned from a 3-month stay in Ghana, where they worked on a rammed earth library. Very cool story, and very cool people. Here's a local news story about their Ghana adventures.

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