Just in Time Training...what does that mean?

Shawna HendersonMarch 13, 20142 comments

Just in Time Training = giving people the training they need when and where they need it.

The people who are actually carrying out the building and renovating, labourers, framers, insulators, those folks don't often (never) get invited to sit through days of in-class training to improve their understanding of building science and how to apply that understanding to what they are being asked to do on site.


Because they are so very valuable on site. If they are in class, the site shuts down. Or someone needs to step into their role for the days they are in class.  

Energy efficiency measures are not the be-all and end-all of the building process (it's hard to imagine that I would say that, but yes, it's true.) Energy efficiency measures, however, are wrapped into all the other process that labourers and framers and other on-site workers are involved in.

So, just in time, or training-on-demand. It's quick and effective, has immediate value and application. In terms of building science, it's not necessary that it be as in-depth as training for builders who are going for R-2000 or Energy Star standards, or for evaluators of those programs. But the fundamentals:

  • house-as-a-system
  • air flow
  • heat flow
  • moisture flow

and why we care about these things in terms of building durability and occupant health and safety, demystify building science and the energy efficiency measures that relate to them. You know, like this:

How do you come to that assessment?

Who comes to that assessment?

What does it mean if you ignore it?

What does it mean if you fix it?


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Shawna Henderson on March 13, 2014

ehehe, that’s what they’re called here too. Just goes to show that evaluators (or those who mark up photos for them) don’t get it right all the time…

Allison A. Bailes III on March 13, 2014

Ah, you call them walltops there, eh? We call them top plates here in the States.

Nice article!

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