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Blue House Energy clients are busy, and want to stay that way. We know you want to expand your business, improve your bottom line, and keep your staff and crew at the top of their game.

Blue House Energy’s cheap and cheerful online learning makes it easy to get your team into training. However...

Training programs need to be managed, and that can take precious time away from work on the site, or project management, business development, sales, customer service, and other management tasks that are time-sensitive. We found an easy way to help our clients clear the decks a little so they don’t have to fight as many fires (so to speak): we manage your training program for you. Simple.

Focus on your core business and get the best value for your training investment!

Blue House Energy can manage your training program remotely. We’ll make sure:

  • Your staff and crew understand the purpose of your training program

  • Everybody registers, starts, and completes the training in a timely manner

  • Your total training cost is lower than having existing staff or additional staff manage the program.

We understand that crew retention is a challenge. So we’re offering a sweet deal. You purchase enough ‘seats’ (enrollments) in a course to meet your staff and crew requirements on an annual low-cost subscription plan. You should purchase enough seats to cover all the job positions that you want to supply training for. The more seats you buy, the lower the course price. The subscription does not include the cost of the final exam (more on that below).

We’ll create a training plan and make sure your staff and crew are moving through the course(s) assigned to them.

The seats on your subscription are for current employees only. When you have staff or crew turnover, you let us know who’s gone and who’s coming in to take their place. When anyone on your team has completed the course and is ready to take their exam and get their certificate of achievement, we’ll let you know, and either you, or they, can pay for the online exam.

This way, we keep your monthly costs low. You decide who will take the final exam and when that will happen. This is a great way to get continuing education credits for your team. We can supply an online proctored exam for an additional fee.

Level 1 is best suited to smaller firms, those that require 5 to 24 seats:

  • Introductory webinar for staff and crew

  • Periodic reminders to learners

  • Monthly Reports

Level 2 is best suited to bigger firms, those that require 25 or more seats.

  • Introductory webinar for staff and crew

  • Introduction/planning meeting with management to define objectives and the roll-out plan

  • Monthly meetings with management to review progress and issues

  • Registering users

  • Periodic reminders to learners

  • Bi-weekly Reports

Take advantage of our expertise and automated systems to leverage the maximum investment from your training budget.

Remember….The benefits of training include:

  • Better performance on the job site

  • Improved crew retention

  • Increased repeat business and revenue growth

Don’t let your team fall behind the curve. Contact us today to find out more about which level suits your needs.

What our customers are saying

  • If you are planning a house build or renovation, understanding Building Science is important to avoid repetitive heating costs and possible water damage later. Shawna and her team know their stuff.

    K.W., General Manager, Halifax, NS
  • Studies over the last 20 years have shown a worrying energy performance gap – where buildings are consistently found to use more heating energy than designers had predicted and Energy Performance Certificates indicate.

    Oliver Drerup, Former Head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - International
  • I am pleased to hear that you will be undertaking a new initiative to further trades training in residential energy efficiency. CMHC supports the building of industry awareness and capacity to deliver more sustainable technologies and practices in the housing sector.

    Duncan Hill, P. Eng., Acting Director, Sustainable Housing and Communities Policy and Research Policy, Research and Planning, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Over the last 20+ years I have been speaking to and training thousands of new home builders and renovators across North America.

    Gord Cooke, Air Solutions
  • All I can say is … wow!  You have nailed it! I just watched the 5 minute overview of what all your training videos will attempt to accomplish, and am very impressed.  I am so proud that I know you both, this is incredibly good.

    Gregory A. Pedrick, C.E.M., Project Manager, New York State Energy Efficiency Agency
  • This training is easy use and in a perfect format.

    Dan Drummond, Training Director, Canada Wood China
  • It is very well centred on the learner's experience. Visually-based rather than text-based delivery make the modules straightforward and non-intimidating. I like the way the expected learning outcomes are clearly presented and the information is clearly applicable to practical work.

    Michelle Harding, Professional Builders Institute of BC
  • This is primo education that goes way beyond training.

    Chris Rosemont, BASF
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