Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Study Package (Canadian) PDF



If you know your way around the industry and have a background in building science, this PDF self guided study package is for you. If you are brand new to the industry with little experience in the residential construction industry our Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation is where you need to begin.

Package Contents

The Foundation Exam Study Package consists of the study guides and practice/challenge exams. It covers the main competency categories for the Foundation Level:

1. Construction Technology
Explore building science and its importance to constructing effective building envelopes and building durable homes.

2. Construction Math
Math is the language of construction. It's important for accuracy, efficiency and safety to make sure the work is done correctly. The aim of this course is to help the learner develop an understanding of how arithmetic, algebra, geometry and conversions relate to construction.

3. Plans Reading
This course is a comprehensive overview of construction drawings, ideal for those with little or no experience. By the end, you will be able to use house plans to find trade information and perform simple material take offs. Course topics also include an overview of the design process, architectural and engineering scales, floor plans and elevations.

4. High Performance Housing
High Performance Housing builds on Construction Technology and introduces concepts and techniques of energy efficiency in retrofit and new construction projects. Occupant behaviour baseloads impact the overall energy use in a house and affect the sizing of renewable energy systems.

Review the study guides and then take the practice/challenge exams as many times as you want.

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  • You have lifetime ownership of the PDFs and 12 months access to practice/challenge exams from date of purchase.

Notes: Not recommended for those who have less than 5 years experience in the industry, or those with no building science background.

If you want to brush up on basic safety training, take this online course from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. You need to sign up, but it’s free.

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This Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package is not a program of study. It is simply one of the training and development activities you may engage in to pass any exams to become an Energy Advisor.

Blue House Energy (BHE) does not make any representations or warranties, or provide any guarantees, regarding your likelihood of passing any exams as an Energy Advisor following your completion of the Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package.

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Skill Level: Advanced

Self-guided review

Schedule: flexible, self-paced

Lifetime to PDFs

Skill Set Focus:
Energy Advisor

Steps to become an energy advisor

Step 1: Pass the Foundation Exam

Step 2: Pass the EA (House) Exam

Step 3: Be affiliated with a service organization

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