Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Study Package (Canadian)


Course Overview

There is a three-step entry program for Energy Advisor (EA) candidates:

  1. Pass the Foundation Level exam
  2. Pass Energy Advisor exam
  3. Be affiliated with a service organization

(You can find out everything need to know about the process of becoming an Energy Advisor here.)

Our Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package is for people who have very little experience in the residential construction industry. The Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Study Package is for people who know their way around the industry and have some background in building science.

If you've got a really good handle on the residential construction industry and just some review and study materials, we've got you covered with this study package, smartypants!

The Foundation Exam Study Package consists of the study guides and practice/challenge exams. It covers the main competency categories for the Foundation Level:

  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Math
  • Plans Reading
  • High Performance Housing

Review the study guides and then take the practice/challenge exams as many times as you want. 

Not recommended for those who have less than 5 years experience in the industry, or those with no building science background. 

If you want to brush up on basic safety training, take this online course from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. You need to sign up, but it’s free. 

Download the Course Description & Outline

  • As always, you have 12 months access to the courses and resources once you register.

  • Disclaimer, Waiver and Indemnification

    The Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Study Package is not a program of study. It is simply one of the training and development activities you may engage in to pass any EA exams.
    Blue House Energy (BHE) does not make any representations or warranties, or provide any guarantees, regarding your likelihood of passing any exams as an Energy Advisor following your completion of the Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Study Package.