Is this affordable?

You pay for this monthly as part of your subscription. The cost is very reasonable compared to what it would cost to hire people to do this or use senior internal staff. As well, you get access to proprietary BHE reports to give you better and more timely information for managing your training investment.

So what do I get?

BHE provides:

A recorded intro webinar to get everyone acquainted with the training program, followed by a live FAQ session

Manager dengagement to increase their understanding of the program and get them excited about offering this to staff

An updated spreadsheet of current students and their training plans

Invitations to students to take the courses and reminders to complete the courses in a timely manner

Proprietary bi-weekly reports to management about progress and issues

Why have customers asked for this?

Managing any type of training program takes time, even an online one: you need to get your management team on board, register your staff, get them on board, follow up with folks who are getting behind on their commitment to finishing the course or modules they've been assigned, download and review reports on progress and completion of courses and exams, etc. Most companies are running full tilt in the field, and do not have the time and/or all the skills needed to manage an online training program. Our customers asked, we delivered.

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