My company has a stand-alone solution for registration. Can this be integrated with your LMS?

Yes, but it is expensive to set up. A more cost effective and robust alternative is a shopping site like Shopify that has a back end system for receiving payments and integrate that with the LMS. BHE can set this up, so that all of your client data stays with your company. If you already have an e-commerce site, you can add registrations manually to your LMS slice.

What does BHE offer a training partner?

In our all-in training partner program, you have access to the ‘backend’ of the LMS to review user activity and test scores as well as other reporting features. (See 'What is an LMS?') As well, you can brand your slice of the LMS with your logo and customize the numerous emails sent out by the system. And there is even more - Along with our standard courses, you can upload your own online content, make your own tests, add resource material, set up schedules and events, and collaborate with your learners.

What is a training partner?

We work with face-to-face training organizations and other online training organizations to provide our courses to a specific audience, or as part of a blended learning experience. We offer deep volume discounts to our training partners in Canada and the US. We also offer a training program management service to companies and organizations that want to carry out in-house training. If your organization is interested in becoming a training partner, please contact us directly.

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