How can a Canadian company offer training for the US building industry?

The fundamentals of building science are the same either side of the border, with regional differences in climate and construction techniques. Our training is focussed on the fundamentals. Where we're cold climate experts, we rely on our colleagues in other climates to provide us with Subject Matter Expertise when we need it. We are currently working with home performance training organizations in the US, and are involved in national programs such as NetZero Energy. Shawna has been invited to speak at several US national and regional conferences over the years.

What makes BHE special?

We have 20± years each in our respective fields. Shawna's expertise is in new construction, renovation, home performance and building science as well as communications. Hal's expertise is in training and performance management, including seven years of work with the United Nations Development Programme. Check out our street cred here, here, and here.

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