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How to Register

I want to take a BHE course for BPI credits, how do I register?

Easy! Go to this page, choose the course you're interested in (make sure it says in the description that it's eligible for BPI credits), indicate that you are in the US, then go through the shopping cart process to purchase your course. You will soon receive a welcome email and instructions on how to access the course. Once you're finished, login to the BPI CEU portal to record your CEUs.

I want to register several of my staff, how do I do that?

Call us to find out if you are eligible for a volume discount, or if a training management program would best suit your needs.

BHE is managing the training program in my company, how do I register?

Contact the person managing your online training program.

I am a member of Built Green Canada, how do I register for Construction Technology?

Get the discount code for BGC members from the main office of BGC, and then go to this page. Type or paste the code into the dialogue box and complete your purchase. You will soon receive a welcome email and instructions on how to access the course. If you forget later on, or don't have your welcome email handy, you can get back into the course by going here. After you've successfully completed the course exam, you need to send an electronic copy of your certificate to the GBC main office.

I want to buy a course directly from your site, how do I register?

Go to this page, choose the course you're interested in, indicate whether you are in the US or Canada, then go through the shopping cart process to purchase your course. You will soon receive a welcome email and instructions on how to access the course. If you forget later on, or don't have your welcome email handy, you can get back into the course by going here.

NOTE: If you are buying for someone else on the online store, use your email (NOT theirs) for the purchase and grant others access when you login to the Learning Management System (fondly known as the LMS).

What happens after I register?

Watch this video!

What are payment options for BHE courses?

We're glad you asked. You can pay for a course in full. We like that a lot. But if you don't want to fork out all your money at once, we have a payment plan. You can choose your payment option when you buy your course. If you want to buy more than 10 courses for your crew, give us a call for volume discounts. We can do payment plan on those too! 

What kind of equipment do I need to take a BHE course?

Current version of an internet browser with javascript enabled (FIREFOX works best but you can also use Internet Explorer or Edge. You may experience technical issues if you use Chrome.)

Windows or Mac OS (Operating System)
At least 2GB of RAM
Soundcard and speakers

Smartphones and tablets are not supported at this time.

Course Support

Can I go back and review modules I have already finished?
Yes, as many times as you need to within the 60-day access period.  If you need more time to access modules you have completed, simply email
Don't forget, there's also a downloadable study guide attached to each module (click on the 'Resources' tab, at the top right, when you're in the module. Print this study guide and use it for taking notes when reviewing the online course.
How do I contact support?

Tier 1 technical support for users to resolve technical issues related to login/registration/passwords, user interface and navigation among modules.

Available 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time weekdays via email or online conferencing.
Promised turn-around of no more than four (4) hours from receipt of email.
Where do I find out how to do the technical stuff you are suggesting?

Well, we created a downloadable document for you. Click Here for the Technical “How To” Handout

You should review these FAQs and the “How To” technical document BEFORE contacting support.

Technical Requirements

A notebook or desktop PC or Mac computer - NOT a tablet or smartphone at this time

The latest version of your operating system

Sound Problems/Screen Freezing

Free up memory by closing unneeded programs, especially background apps like Dropbox and Norton.
Check out this how-to for more info.
Clear your browser cache and cookies

I can't sign in.

Make sure that you: Bookmark your URL>> Your username=the email used to register in the system Write down your password

Follow the link that applies to you for the URL:
Make sure that you bookmark your URL. If you see a screen that asks for your Client ID clear your cache and cookies and click on the URL noted above.
Can I go back and review modules I have already finished?

Yes, as many times as you need. Don't forget, there's also a downloadable study guide attached to each module (click on the 'Resources' tab, at the top right, when you're in the module. Print this study guide and use it for taking notes when reviewing the online course.

Can I take an end of module quiz as many times as I like?

Yes, the quizzes are there for you to challenge your knowledge level before you do the final exam. In some courses, you need to achieve at least 70% to move on to the next module.

One time only, baby for the assessment. Make or break time. Study hard! Get 70% or more! Win! (Note that some organizations allow their users to take the assessment multiple times.)

What happens after I finish a quiz?

You can re-take the quiz, print results or review results. if you wish to print quiz results you must do this at this time, as you cannot go back and do this.

Do the quizzes and exercises count towards the final mark?

The quizzes and exercises you will find throughout the course will not count towards your final mark. The final exam is worth 100% of the final grade. You will need a minimum passing grade of 70% on the final exam in order to successfully complete the course.

I do not seem to have access to the courses.

You have 30 days to complete short courses (e.g. Building Science Basics) and 60 days to complete longer courses (e.g. Construction Technology) from the date you registered. To get more time, simply contact support.

What do I do when I purchase several copies of the courses via the online store?

Well, breathe, as this is a bit confusing.

When you login, you will be the "group manager" and may register people for the course, including yourself.
Mare sure to use your contact info on the online store – not the contact info of the people who will be receiving the course.

Why is the NEXT button not working?

In some cases, the NEXT button won't work until you have engaged the coloured buttons that have extra content in them.

There are a lot of technical terms and I am not sure what they mean.

Some modules have a Glossary to help with this. The Glossary tab appears next to the Resources tab on the upper right of the screen.

About BHE

Who is Blue House Energy?

Shawna Henderson and Hal Richman are the principals of Blue House Energy. We keep BHE lean and agile so that we can offer a wide range of services to our clients, including training program management and custom online learning courses.

Where is Blue House Energy located?

Our offices are in Nova Scotia. For our US friends, go to Maine, take a right and keep going east.

What makes BHE special?

We have 20± years each in our respective fields. Shawna's expertise is in new construction, renovation, home performance and building science as well as communications. Hal's expertise is in training and performance management, including seven years of work with the United Nations Development Programme. Check out our street cred here, here, and here.

How can a Canadian company offer training for the US building industry?

The fundamentals of building science are the same either side of the border, with regional differences in climate and construction techniques. Our training is focussed on the fundamentals. Where we're cold climate experts, we rely on our colleagues in other climates to provide us with Subject Matter Expertise when we need it. We are currently working with home performance training organizations in the US, and are involved in national programs such as NetZero Energy. Shawna has been invited to speak at several US national and regional conferences over the years. Besides, our COO was born in Brooklyn.

CEUs & Competency Training

Which BHE courses are recognized as mandatory competency training?

Construction Technology is recognized as mandatory competency training. This course has been shown to meet the benchmarks set by the Canadian Home Builders' Association for education in the area of construction technology.

How do I find out if BHE courses are eligible for continuing education or professional development credits with other organizations?

We have a continuously updated list of organizations that accept BHE courses for continuing education and professional development credits. If you don't see the name of your organization on the list, please contact us and we will get in touch with them to find out if and how we can have our courses accepted.

I need Construction Technology for my Green Building Canada Continuing Education Credits. How do I register?

GBC members have a special discount rate. You need to get the discount code from the main office, and then register here. Type or paste the discount code into the dialogue box and away you go! After you've successfully completed the course exam, you need to send an electronic copy of your certificate to the GBC main office.

Which BHE courses are eligible for BPI Continuing Education Credit?

The US version of Building Science Basics is eligible for 9 CUEs. Register for that course here.

Which organizations recognize BHE courses as mandatory competency training?

Tarion, Ontario's new home warranty program, recognizes BHE as a provider of mandatory competency training for new registrants. All new builders and vendors must complete training in a series of competency areas. BHE's business partner, trainingOntario, provides online training in all 7 competency areas identified by Tarion. 

How do I get mandatory competency training in Construction Technology for Tarion?

Go to the trainingOntario website, and register for Construction Technology. You must register through trainingOntario for your Tarion registration. After you finish the course, you will be directed to Algonquin College to schedule your final test. Algonquin provides a formal, proctored assessment, with results sent to you and to Tarion. 

Training Partners

What is a training partner?

We work with face-to-face training organizations and other online training organizations to provide our courses to a specific audience, or as part of a blended learning experience. We offer deep volume discounts to our training partners in Canada and the US. We also offer a training program management service to companies and organizations that want to carry out in-house training. If your organization is interested in becoming a training partner, please contact us directly.

Do I need an LMS to deliver BHE training?

Nope. As a training partner, you just handle registration and payment. We run the LMS and save you lots of money by giving you a slice of our LMS. To carry on with the pie analogy (as in pizza) you choose the toppings for your slice of the LMS.

What does BHE offer a training partner?

In our all-in training partner program, you have access to the ‘backend’ of the LMS to review user activity and test scores as well as other reporting features. (See 'What is an LMS?') As well, you can brand your slice of the LMS with your logo and customize the numerous emails sent out by the system. And there is even more - Along with our standard courses, you can upload your own online content, make your own tests, add resource material, set up schedules and events, and collaborate with your learners. We just provide the container to you at a cost that is much lower than having your own LMS.

My company has a stand-alone solution for registration. Can this be integrated with your LMS?

Yes, but it is expensive to set up. A more cost effective and robust alternative is a shopping site like Shopify that has a back end system for receiving payments and integrate that with the LMS. BHE can set this up, so that all of your client data stays with your company. If you already have an e-commerce site, you can add registrations manually to your LMS slice.


What is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of e-learning courses or training programs. Our robust and secure LMS is cloud-based.

What if I have an LMS? Isn’t BHE content provided via the BHE LMS?

Our LMS supports a standard called AICC that provides seamless integration between your LMS and our LMS. All the transaction data (including test scores) stays on your LMS.

What kinds of functions does the BHE LMS provide?

All of the course material, resource documents, quizzes, tests and learning exercises live on the LMS. We update and improve this stuff regularly.

The LMS automatically generates and delivers a registration invitation, course start information and certificate of completion to each learner.

We offer technical support if there are any problems with how the LMS is functioning.

How secure is the BHE LMS?

Privacy and security for all parties involved is very important to us. Our LMS is hosted by a Canadian firm that has been in business since 2001, with a client base of over 480 organizations. With a great infrastructure, a clean and easy user interface, and lots of redundancies in security, privacy and power supply, we feel they are one of the best, most reliable and secure systems available.

Custom Courses

Where do custom courses live? How do I access them?

Like our standard offerings, custom courses that we develop live on our LMS, where we can update them regularly. If you have an LMS, we will use the industry standard AICC protocol to integrate seamlessly with your LMS.

How do you offer custom courses?

BHE courses are made up of separate modules. We can mix and match the modules to suit your training needs. 

Do you collaborate on content development?

If there is a business case for us to develop modules that would suit your needs, but that we could potentially use across different markets, we are wide open to discussing ways to lower your initial costs.

I like your curriculum, but there are some subjects or topics that are specific to my program, organization or product that haven't been covered. What now?

If we are missing curriculum that is specific to your program or product, we can create a module for you at a reasonable cost. 

What if I want to use BHE content for my own purposes?

We want to improve the capacity of the building industry. Talk to us about licensing our content!

Training Program Management

What s the BHE Training Management Program?

The intent of the BHE Training Management Program is to provide courses + management of the training program to ensure that you get the maximum advantage from your training investment.

So what do I get?

BHE provides:

A recorded intro webinar to get everyone acquainted with the training program, followed by a live FAQ session

Manager dengagement to increase their understanding of the program and get them excited about offering this to staff

An updated spreadsheet of current students and their training plans

Invitations to students to take the courses and reminders to complete the courses in a timely manner

Proprietary bi-weekly reports to management about progress and issues

So what is the value to me?

Responsive, real-time management of the training program you have defined for your staff and crew. Minimal additional effort for your human resources team. Optimal reporting and follow up for your training program.

Is this affordable?

You pay for this monthly as part of your subscription. The cost is very reasonable compared to what it would cost to hire people to do this or use senior internal staff. As well, you get access to proprietary BHE reports to give you better and more timely information for managing your training investment.

How do I sign up?

Call Hal. Right now. 

Why have customers asked for this?

Managing any type of training program takes time, even an online one: you need to get your management team on board, register your staff, get them on board, follow up with folks who are getting behind on their commitment to finishing the course or modules they've been assigned, download and review reports on progress and completion of courses and exams, etc. Most companies are running full tilt in the field, and do not have the time and/or all the skills needed to manage an online training program. Our customers asked, we delivered. Give us a call to find out how we can take the stress out of your training needs!

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What our customers are saying

  • If you are planning a house build or renovation, understanding Building Science is important to avoid repetitive heating costs and possible water damage later. Shawna and her team know their stuff.

    K.W., General Manager, Halifax, NS
  • Studies over the last 20 years have shown a worrying energy performance gap – where buildings are consistently found to use more heating energy than designers had predicted and Energy Performance Certificates indicate.

    Oliver Drerup, Former Head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - International
  • I am pleased to hear that you will be undertaking a new initiative to further trades training in residential energy efficiency. CMHC supports the building of industry awareness and capacity to deliver more sustainable technologies and practices in the housing sector.

    Duncan Hill, P. Eng., Acting Director, Sustainable Housing and Communities Policy and Research Policy, Research and Planning, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Over the last 20+ years I have been speaking to and training thousands of new home builders and renovators across North America.

    Gord Cooke, Air Solutions
  • All I can say is … wow!  You have nailed it! I just watched the 5 minute overview of what all your training videos will attempt to accomplish, and am very impressed.  I am so proud that I know you both, this is incredibly good.

    Gregory A. Pedrick, C.E.M., Project Manager, New York State Energy Efficiency Agency
  • This training is easy use and in a perfect format.

    Dan Drummond, Training Director, Canada Wood China
  • It is very well centred on the learner's experience. Visually-based rather than text-based delivery make the modules straightforward and non-intimidating. I like the way the expected learning outcomes are clearly presented and the information is clearly applicable to practical work.

    Michelle Harding, Professional Builders Institute of BC
  • This is primo education that goes way beyond training.

    Chris Rosemont, BASF