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Blue House Energy online learning is an affordable, convenient way to ramp up your whole team’s understanding of the science behind energy efficient home construction and renovation.

If your company provides products or services to new home builders, renovators, or home performance programs, BHE online is a great way to ensure your team can speak with confidence about building science basics and what’s needed to make and keep houses comfortable and healthy. Give your sales teams the knowledge they need to outperform your competition.

BHE training saves you time, money, and effort.

Compared to creating your own training program, our customizable solution will cost you less, and get you up and running much faster. We also offer a range of services to complement and enhance BHE online training.


  • Reduce callbacks and warranty deficiencies

  • Competitive edge in sales

  • More cost-effective than developing in-house training

  • Fast implementation

  • Customizable courses


  • Complete: Courses developed by experienced construction professionals

  • Cost effective: Special volume pricing, with optional white-labeling

  • Customizable: Add-on modules to address company-specific content requirements

  • Simple interface: Minimal ramp-up time

  • Measurable: Metrics to gauge effectiveness of employee training programs

Make the most out of your training budget!

If you have a team five or more, we offer a subscription-based training program management package that will keep you out of the administration chair so you can focus on the job at hand, or business development, or your sales funnel. We have also developed a performance management program to help you identify the ways that you can track and leverage the improvements in crucial areas that training can improve, like callback reductions, shorter sales cycles, and number of sales closed.

Call us at 1.902.821.3090 today to find out more about online training and management services for your company!

Ramp up your team.

Start training them today.


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What our customers are saying

  • If you are planning a house build or renovation, understanding Building Science is important to avoid repetitive heating costs and possible water damage later. Shawna and her team know their stuff.

    K.W., General Manager, Halifax, NS
  • Studies over the last 20 years have shown a worrying energy performance gap – where buildings are consistently found to use more heating energy than designers had predicted and Energy Performance Certificates indicate.

    Oliver Drerup, Former Head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - International
  • I am pleased to hear that you will be undertaking a new initiative to further trades training in residential energy efficiency. CMHC supports the building of industry awareness and capacity to deliver more sustainable technologies and practices in the housing sector.

    Duncan Hill, P. Eng., Acting Director, Sustainable Housing and Communities Policy and Research Policy, Research and Planning, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Over the last 20+ years I have been speaking to and training thousands of new home builders and renovators across North America.

    Gord Cooke, Air Solutions
  • All I can say is … wow!  You have nailed it! I just watched the 5 minute overview of what all your training videos will attempt to accomplish, and am very impressed.  I am so proud that I know you both, this is incredibly good.

    Gregory A. Pedrick, C.E.M., Project Manager, New York State Energy Efficiency Agency
  • This training is easy use and in a perfect format.

    Dan Drummond, Training Director, Canada Wood China
  • It is very well centred on the learner's experience. Visually-based rather than text-based delivery make the modules straightforward and non-intimidating. I like the way the expected learning outcomes are clearly presented and the information is clearly applicable to practical work.

    Michelle Harding, Professional Builders Institute of BC
  • This is primo education that goes way beyond training.

    Chris Rosemont, BASF
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