Energy Advisor (House) Re-qualification Study Package (Canadian)



This package is for Energy Advisors who are up for re-qualification for EA (House). This package includes the online EA course (content licensed from Building Knowledge), and Blue House Energy's Envelope Fundamentals course. These two courses will help you prepare for your re-qualification exam.

Package Contents

The EA Requalification Package is a way to brush up on the current EnerGuide for Houses information and revisit the fundamentals of building science. The package contains 2 courses:

1. Introduction to the EnerGuide for Houses Rating Service (Energy Advisor [House] Exam Preparation)
Drawn from core curriculum for Energy Advisor Training developed by Building Knowledge, this Energy Advisor course from Blue House Energy covers the fundamentals of the roles and responsibilities of an Energy Advisor, from administration and quality assurance to data collection and modelling the energy use of the house in HOT2000. Some will be old hat to you, but go through them and answer the quizzes so you know what kinds of questions you might get asked on the exam.

7 hours narrated instruction, 15-20 hours to complete the online portion of the program with review of content, quizzes, final test and review of downloadable materials.

7 quizzes
Final test 100 questions
Passing mark on final test = 70%

2. Envelope Fundamentals

This course is a review of information you likely already know; the benefit is that it is all in one place. Review, review, review! This course is made up of 7 modules that cover the following topics:

House as a system, Indoor Air Quality, Healthy Housing, Ventilation, Fundamentals of Air Sealing, Strategies of Air Sealing, Fundamentals of Insulation.

Each module includes a downloadable study guide to accompany the online learning program. There is a review and quiz at the end of each module to help you gauge your understanding of the topics covered.

We hope this helps you prepare effectively and efficiently for your requalification exam.

Our Policies

Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification

This Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package is not a program of study. It is simply one of the training and development activities you may engage in to pass any exams to become an Energy Advisor.

Blue House Energy (BHE) does not make any representations or warranties, or provide any guarantees, regarding your likelihood of passing any exams as an Energy Advisor following your completion of the Energy Advisor Foundation Exam Preparation package.

View our refund policy here.

Skill Level: Advanced

50 hours

Schedule: flexible, self-paced

12 months from purchase date

Skill Set Focus:
Energy Advisor

Steps to become an energy advisor

Step 1: Pass the Foundation Exam

Step 2: Pass the EA (House) Exam

Step 3: Be affiliated with a service organization

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