Sping Training vs. NOLA

Shawna HendersonMay 05, 2015

Spring Training won this year. Last year, I went to ACI National in Detroit (I know, I know, Detroit yes, NOLA no?). This year, I went to Spring Training with the Canadian Building Science crew outside Huntsville, ON (I know, I know rural Ontario vs. NOLA in Spring? What?). The fact of the matter being I have not had chance to connect with my people for years. And there we were, 120 of the most intense B.S. wonks, nerds, and geeks. Hosted by Tex McLeod, Gord Cooke, and John Straube, with pithy interjections from Oliver Drerup, the mainly Ontario crowd was infiltrated by a small East Coast contingent, as well as some folks from the West. It was a great two and a half days, jammed with good sessions and no opportunity to get away from the crowd. The first day's sessions were focussed on Net Zero Energy homes, with Sam Rashkin doing the honours as keynote speaker, and a panel of builders from across the country talking about their experience in building and selling NZE homes. Second day's sessions were all about tall wood buildings -- not so much relevance to what we do at BHE or through Bfreehomes, but still interesting and definitely cutting edge stuff. I mean, 10 and 18 storey wood structures? Come on -- that's impressive.

Gail Lawlor (Energy Matters) and I did a quick presentation on BPI Canada -- a site-based quality assurance program that we are aiming to launch after several years of it being a Good Idea. More on that project and the Spring Training Sessions in upcoming articles.

Still, I'll be missing all my US cronies and pals who ramp up ACI -- or HPC as it is now known -- in NOLA today.

Shout out to the Zymurgologists on both sides of the border.

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