July 9, 2019

This blog post was updated 7 October 2019.

Job prospects in the field of energy efficiency are growing —EcoCanada estimates that the energy efficiency sector will grow by over 8 percent this year, adding 36,000 jobs! 

There are challenges associated with that kind of growth. In the report from Spring 2018, EcoCanada noted: 

At least 70% of employers across those six industries reported some difficulties in hiring suitable candidates within the past 12 months. Surveyed recruiters in Construction and Wholesale Trade said that it was “very difficult” to find prospects. The most cited reason for hiring difficulties was lack of qualified workers. 

Earn while you learn

Energy Advisors are needed across Canada due to an uptick in performance-path code compliance and continuing incentive programs for energy efficiency renovations, and other programs that use the EnerGuide for Houses Rating Service (ERS). 

Blue House Energy’s goal is to deliver quality, affordable training to everyone in the new home construction industry and the home renovation and home performance industry. 

Our newest offering, the Energy Advisor Mentor Program is for the next generation of Energy Advisors. This innovative approach combines on-demand learning with one-on-one instruction from an experienced Energy Advisor Mentor. The pilot of this new program is possible with support from BCHousing’s Building Excellence Research and Education Grant Program.

If you are a tradesperson, building inspector, or new career seeker, this 6 to 10 week program gives you the opportunity to learn while you continue to earn. The bulk of the studying is done online, with two days for field training with your mentor. Importantly, you will be mentored by an experienced Registered Energy Advisor who is local to your region and will provide you with face-to-face field training as well as sector knowledge and a professional network.  

Who is a good candidate to be an Energy Advisor?

As we’ve been talking to folks asking about our Energy Advisor Foundation Training Bundle (EAFT Bundle), we’ve been able to check off a full range of ‘typical’ industry backgrounds. We’ve been talking with:

  • Building contractors

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Home Inspectors

Candidate Eligibility

  • Successfully completed the foundation exam 

  • Basic computer skills and access to a PC that meets NRCan HOT2000 requirements (software is not compatible with Mac OS, Chromebooks, or mobile technology like iPads or other tablets)

  • Able to dedicate 2 days to mandatory field work testing with a mentor in your area

Benefits & Supports provided by BHE

  • Matched with a Registered Energy Advisor mentor in your area

  • Onboarding & introduction to learning & mentoring platform

  • On-demand modular, structured learning path with quizzes and final practice test 

  • 12 month access to BHE’s online learning curriculum

  • Payment options upfront or pro-rated over 12 months 

Who’s a good candidate to be a mentor?

  • 1-2 years of experience as a Certified Energy Advisor with a recommended minimum of 50 file submissions with at least 10 files in each of the following: Existing and New House Construction

  • Be a Certified Energy Advisor with at least 1 year experience in the residential construction industry 

  • Ability to dedicate the equivalent of 3 days of your time over 6 to 10 week period: 

    • 8 hours of online support during online learning 

    • 1 day Blower door testing/house visit protocols 

    • 1 day H2000 practice file walk through, submission protocols and QA 

Benefits provided by BHE 

• Approved independent EA’s will receive compensation for each candidate they work with 

• Approved SO’s will receive compensation for each candidate they work with

• onboarding for Mentor EA 

• train the trainer resources & support 

• training plan and guide with field training milestones 

• framework for scheduling and orientation to our online mentoring platform

What is the Energy Advisor Mentoring Program?

This 6-10 week program matches seasoned Certified Energy Advisors (EAs) with candidates who have passed the Foundation Exam required by Natural Resources Canada (we can help you with studying for that, too!). Mentors support candidates as they work through the on-demand training on Blue House Energy’s robust learning platform. The curriculum draws from licensed content through Building Knowledge Canada

The online training is broken out into modules with quizzes through video, audio and downloadable resources. All technical concepts are provided through scenario learning that is based on real-world situations. As a mentor, you work out the schedule with your candidate, and ensure they are on track with milestones that are clearly outlined in a training guide. 

We are accepting applications for mentors and candidates. The program starts on a monthly basis. 

Sign up today! The program starts at the beginning of each month

We start another cohort of candidates and mentors every month. Sign up early to get a mentor close to you. The fee for the Energy Advisor Mentoring Program is $2700.

Call our mentorship coordinator, Carla, at 1.902.821.3090 for more details.

Come join the BHE mentoring program. 


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What our customers are saying

  • If you are planning a house build or renovation, understanding Building Science is important to avoid repetitive heating costs and possible water damage later. Shawna and her team know their stuff.

    K.W., General Manager, Halifax, NS
  • Studies over the last 20 years have shown a worrying energy performance gap – where buildings are consistently found to use more heating energy than designers had predicted and Energy Performance Certificates indicate.

    Oliver Drerup, Former Head of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - International
  • I am pleased to hear that you will be undertaking a new initiative to further trades training in residential energy efficiency. CMHC supports the building of industry awareness and capacity to deliver more sustainable technologies and practices in the housing sector.

    Duncan Hill, P. Eng., Acting Director, Sustainable Housing and Communities Policy and Research Policy, Research and Planning, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Over the last 20+ years I have been speaking to and training thousands of new home builders and renovators across North America.

    Gord Cooke, Air Solutions
  • All I can say is … wow!  You have nailed it! I just watched the 5 minute overview of what all your training videos will attempt to accomplish, and am very impressed.  I am so proud that I know you both, this is incredibly good.

    Gregory A. Pedrick, C.E.M., Project Manager, New York State Energy Efficiency Agency
  • This training is easy use and in a perfect format.

    Dan Drummond, Training Director, Canada Wood China
  • It is very well centred on the learner's experience. Visually-based rather than text-based delivery make the modules straightforward and non-intimidating. I like the way the expected learning outcomes are clearly presented and the information is clearly applicable to practical work.

    Michelle Harding, Professional Builders Institute of BC
  • This is primo education that goes way beyond training.

    Chris Rosemont, BASF