Can I go back and review modules I have already finished?

Yes, as many times as you need. Don't forget, there's also a downloadable study guide attached to each module (click on the 'Resources' tab, at the top right, when you're in the module. Print this study guide and use it for taking notes when reviewing the online course.

If you wish to keep your quiz results make sure to select "Print Quiz" at the end of quiz. If you return to the module you will NOT be able to see the last quiz results.

Technical Requirements

A notebook or desktop - NOT a tablet or smartphone at this time

Latest version of your operating system

Latest version of your browser, preferable Chrome


Stable broadband (high speed) connection - DSL, fibre, cable

Sound card with speakers that you have tested with other applications

No memory consuming programs running in the background, such as Dropbox, Norton Backup, etc.


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